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img_0187-1If we were having coffee today it would have been out on my new porch in the beautiful sunshine with blankets and cozy pillows! It is not spring here yet, but the sunshine is amazing, and the crisp air is healing.

Today I took the kids out for a small stroll in the neighborhood. We should have done that a long time ago! It was amazing! And there was plenty of places for the kids to play, climb and run.
IBut the best part was us being outside together, chatting, playing, laughing and walking. We haven’t been so relaxed in a very long time. And when we got back home the kids wanted to stay outside and play! They stayed outside and played for three more hours and then we all had family tacos before shower and bedtime stories. A perfect end to a really really good family spring break…

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  1. I love that “every body is a yoga body”. I struggle with food myself, and with knees filled with arthritis, exercise is not a favorite activity. It sounds like the end of teacher training is in sight. You will love teaching….always focus on the kids, not the politics. I’ve been busy getting all three kids to basketball practice and games twice a week (well, my two don’t play on daddy weekends). It has been rewarding to watch them develop socially. My sister is coming tomorrow to help out for a while, which I am looking forward to! Have a lovely week friend!

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    • i have never loved exercise for the sake of exercise! But i always loved dancing and yoga gives me lot of peace. But I am lacking the motivation to really get into the stuff that should help me loose weight. I just dont have the energy to focus that much on myself, right now I am not sure if its because I dont like myself or if I am just tired… So happy to read that you have some help, enjoy each others company ❤ have an awesome week my friend ❤

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