Zika:Sharing Data in a Public Health Emergency

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Sharing Data in a Public Health Emergency

The case for sharing data, and the consequences of not doing so, have been brought into stark relief by the Ebola and Zika outbreaks. In response, the New England Journal of Medicine has become a journal signatory to the following statement.

“In the context of a public health emergency of international concern, it is imperative that all parties make available any information that might have value in combatting the crisis. As research funders and journals, we are committed to working in partnership to ensure that the global response to public health emergencies is informed by the best available research evidence and data.

Journal signatories will make all content concerning the Zika virus free access. Any data or preprint deposited for unrestricted dissemination ahead of submission of any paper will not preempt later publication in these journals.

Funder signatories will require researchers undertaking work…

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