Protect yourself on the Internet

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein This Darkness will Leave my House

Stalking and Cyberstalking is the willful violation of another person’s stated boundaries either with unwanted phone calls and email or by invading another persons real or virtual property after a request is made to vacate.

Pathological narcissists believe they have the right to do whatever pleases them without personal cost.

This sense of entitlement includes the right to take what is yours either by deception or outright theft.

If you are foolish enough to give a narcissist the password to your FaceBook account, don’t be surprised if he locks you out and refuses to return the account.

He wants control, a way to keep you hooked.

To a narcissist negative supply is better than no supply; that he has something he knows you want is enough to keep him happy.

But there is a word for people who invade other people’s spaces for harassment…

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