How does Domestic Violence turn to Murder/Suicide

Looking For The Light


Last week a murder-suicide happened in my neighborhood. I was very ill and on pain meds, my husband shielded me from conversations with Police and the family. I felt a pain of my father’s suicide but quickly focused on the kids in our house.  

My husband came upstairs saying two kids are downstairs, they think the father killed their mother. I went down to get a water and speak to the kids, nothing heavy, a half hug. The kids were 8,10,17 years old. My heart was breaking for them and they’re future pain. I offered some snacks and went back upstairs. By now there are 4 to 6 Police in the house. He came back saying a 17 yr old ran out of house when he heard shot, police were surrounding the house. The older boy was brought here. The police knocked the door in, the father shoot himself…

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