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Here are a few books which helped me understand miscommunications in my marriage and how to work thru distrust. One encouraged me to take the first step to look deep inside and come out better off. I hope you will benefit from reading. If so please leave me a comment or let me know books who’ve helped you.  🙂

How We Love-I learned how to have a healthy relationship with my husband. I found this book most helpful, all communications not just with partner.

Brain On FireMy month of madness-I haven’t read, it’s on top of list.

Shock: The Healing Power Electroconvulsive Therapy by Kitty Dukakis .

Bipolar Disorder-A Guide for patients and Families

The Gifts of Imperfection-Let go of who you think you’re supposed be, embrace who you are.

Seven Choices-The book helped me immensely, I began to grieve my grandparents. She inspired…

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