Monday. I feel a tiny bit better because my body doesn’t feel so stiff. That doesn’t mean that I’m ready to run a marathon or even walk a mile.
This afternoon I had to pick up my son and the short walk left me completely exhausted.
I tried to have a nap but when I was relaxing my daughter came to me saying that my youngest son had eaten an Easter egg.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.55.42 PM

I panicked because the egg he ate was a painted egg that he was supposed to bring home over 2 weeks ago but since he didn’t go to kindergarten the last day before the holidays, the basket with the egg stayed by the window, above the radiator in his classroom since half March. Yes, I’m gagging for 2.5 hours.
I really hope he doesn’t get the shits… And if he does, I hope it’s not before his dad…

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