One of my blogging buddies wrote this. She mentioned that my original title on the Suicide post could be misinterpreted by adults on the Autism spectrum. I reworked a couple areas of the post and then asked if she’d be willing to write a piece about suicide and Autism.

If you’ve been reading Hypervigilant for a while, you know I have strong feelings about the need to understand those with Autism. Her writing definitely supports that goal. Every sentence of this post is worth your time. And if you don’t already follow her blog, you should. She’s phenomenal.

Appalachian Aspie part two.

Another blogger asked me to write this. After a misunderstood blog post title apeared that they posted. With all the noise about vaccines and Autism in children, a very serious matter is being overlooked. Very high suicide rates in adults on the spectrum. I know because I’m an attempt survivor. If it weren’t for my cat I might not be here. She is the reason I walked to the hospital after my attempt. I still think about it. With what is going on…the landlord threatening to take my cat away, getting almost no money from my payee, feeling like nobody cares, my family, my “caregiver” being manipulative and unhelpful. And feeling that a medical condition is being ignored by doctors-and everyone else-because I’m handicapped make my depression worse. Get the feeling people would be happy if I wasn’t here. All too often those of us on the spectrum feel isolated…

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