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Monday. First of all: Dear Prince (my Prince), if you are reading this, please don’t freak out. Or better, freak out, maybe this will make you get here sooner.
Do you have a person (or persons) that you think you will always like? For example, an ex, someone from school, a crush? I do. I have to admit that I have a few.
If you also have, you will probably understand me better. If you don’t, well… I can’t help you with that.
Let’s start with the friends of the exes. You know that stupid “guy’s code” that won’t allow your exes’ friends date you. Ugh.
That meant a long life of sighting every time I saw this guy who people call Pacho and I still ignore his real name. That one used to make my eyes blink 45 times in 10 seconds. I probably talked to him 5 times…

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