Targeting Target, Part 1

13977975003_25b45ecc47_z Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

Hooooo0-kay. I stayed out of this as long as my sense of right and fair and safe would allow.

Just to be clear, let me start here:

I am a no-holds-barred, Jesus-following, Bible-quoting, EVERYBODY-loving kind of person.

When one of our friends complained about hypocrisy among Christians who claim to love but won’t get their hands dirty, Hubby paid me the highest compliment I’ve ever received.

That’s true about some people, but Casey doesn’t care if someone is a CEO, a gang member, the President, a prostitute or a homeless guy who stinks to high heaven. She’ll sit right next to any of them. And she’ll talk to them to death and probably end up hugging them. 

I think everyone should be treated with fairness, respect and love. EVERYONE.


What people choose to do in their own time—and what people choose to believe is…

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  1. AMEN! I have not mastered, Assertive, come by your house to share the word of God. I am a Minister and have a charity, Lyme has me in choke hold. I told myself, plenty time to learn how to pray face to face with strangers. In two years one of my goals will come to life. I can talk forever, but praying for elders and sick children, I’ll have to share when Lyme realizes in time t hit the road.
    I’ve enjoyed reading Herding Chickens. I’m glad information at the deepest is a tool for anyone looking to adopt.


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