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Saturday. I’m exhausted. I’ve been working outdoors since Thursday and I’m not even sure if the change is noticeable. And that sucks because everything hurts.
Thursday after clearing the pipes and watching the movie with my daughter, we went to the mill.
There was a little party there. I think we were early. Anyway, there was a band.



And of course, the beer trucks but I didn’t take a picture because there was a group of men just in front of it and I didn’t want to seem so odd. (Desperate).
There was also an inflatable castle for the kids.


And of course, the never missing motorbikes (and the men wearing the suits).


The town looks really pretty during this time of the year. There are flowers everywhere, mostly tulips. That always makes me smile.


After a while, we got back home. I wanted to tidy up a bit. Soon…

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