Monday. Who would have thought? I’m on my yard having breakfast and it’s only past 9am. My son would say: “Achievement unlocked”.
I had a great Mother’s Day. I think I can put it on top of all my mother’s days.
After working for a few hours on the yard (I didn’t finish), I decided to sit down and color my book while listening to some music. Life can’t get much better than that. Yes, it could but then, that’s the best I could get.
It was about 2.30 pm and I called my kids to see if they wanted to be with me. “Come on! It’s Mother’s Day!”… Complete silence.
So I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Life was getting better already.
I needed the umbrella because the sun was killing my computer and warming up my beer.


You should see my relaxed face. But of…

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