Tuesday. It’s been years that I didn’t have so much energy. It has to be the sun.
For the first time since ’95 I have a tan. I will probably wrinkle this year what I didn’t wrinkle for the past 20 years. Never mind.
My ex came to pick the kids yesterday and he said:
“Wow, you sure have a lot of free time to get a tan”.
Deep breath. “Not exactly. I was working on the yard all these past days. If you didn’t know, those bushes there don’t grow with the round shape. They need trimming”
“I see…”
It seems that it wasn’t enough because he went on: “Can I see your coloring book?”
I’m very proud of my work. It’s taking forever. That below is about 8 hours of coloring and its not finished.


When I showed to him I said: “That took about seven hours”

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