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Thursday. I’m back to waking up in the middle of night with strange thoughts that keep me from falling asleep again. This time, ex boyfriends. Ugh… But I’ll write about the suckers and poor souls another time or I’ll lose the thoughts and forget what I wanted to say today.

Yesterday I wrote (again) about passion and how difficult it’s for me to believe how some people can live without it.
Donna wrote a comment that I truly loved.

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You can see that it’s difficult for her to believe that too.

I also loved Andrew’s comment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.57.54 AM

Long and hard, Andrew? Really!?! That comment made me think passionately too but I kind of deviated my thoughts a bit. As I said before, you always make me smile but this time you made me laugh out loud and my kids asked: “Mom, why are you laughing?” So them mom had to play…

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