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Sunday. I opened my eyes really early this morning but I didn’t have any intention of leaving my bed. Soon after, my kids were awake and that always makes my plans change in ways I don’t like. This time I told my kids: “Would you like a plain breakfast or would you like to wait for a bit while I bake honey bread?” “HONEY BREAD!”. So I went to put the ingredients in the bread machine and then back to bed for one extra hour while the “dough” cycle was working.
In the meantime, I read the comments of yesterday’s post. There is so much I want to say I’m not sure I’ll remember it all.

Donna (writersideup.wordpress.com) you are right and I’m not sure what kind of impression I’m giving, but it’s not that I’m in my tower waiting for My Prince… I wish I were, though!

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Go ahead! You know you want to say it :-)

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