Wednesday. As you know, I’m a Spanish native speaker. Sometimes I mean to write a word in English but I fail when I translate it in my brain and I end up using the wrong word when trying to say something.
This has nothing to do with those words that sound the same and are written differently.
I’m sure you encounter several mistakes when reading my blog. What I don’t understand is why NOBODY tells me. Sometimes, I accidentally find the mistakes and I get a bit agitated (and swear a lot too).
For example:
“I like when someone whispers in my year”. My stomach still hurts when I remember that one. But not as much as when I think of: “I’d love to meat someone”. Meat someone? Holy crap, I’m vegetarian. You have no idea how sick that sounds to me.

The problem rises when there are several words…

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Go ahead! You know you want to say it :-)

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