Thunderous Thursday, even though it’s kind of sunny. I went to sleep with a smile. That lasted only for a few hours. About 4.30am I woke up and discovered that my internet connection wasn’t working. That pissed me off. I really didn’t need the connection at all but I remembered when last year I called the support line to complain that they cut the f#$king connection in the middle of the night and the guy replied: “You should be sleeping at that time”. Exactly. My response that time was a long “…….” because I was flirting with the guy 3 seconds earlier and he was laughing while he said it… But trust me, I was this close to say: “Who the f#$k dictates when it’s the right time to sleep?”. Instead of that I said “hehehe, I’m sleepless sometimes”. But just imagine if the person who said that was a…

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