Hearding Chickens awarded Survivors Blog Here with The Versatile Blogger Award

Looking For The Light


We’re thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from HerdingChickens. If you have not stopped by http://www.herdingchickens.wordpress.com, today is a great day to start. Her personality shines through her writing. Her and  husband have adopted two children. She shares the successes and struggle of Adoption. She’s a generous person.

Seven Answers

Paola’s Answers

Writing is my therapy. It heals my soul and makes me feel less lonely

I’d love to understand why I spend the whole week waiting for the Friday and the entire year waiting for the spring.

Melinda’s  Answers

I think a snake will bite me every time I enter the garage.

I don’t read instructions

I’m a chocolate addict

A Hawk family returns every year to lounge in our bird bath. I’ve named every generation, Hawke I love the wildlife in our neighborhood.

The Big Revel!









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