Yellow Wolf Enlightenment  nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I do apologize for the long delay in posting award.Today is a great day to visit her site if haven’t. Her site is a Spiritual journey to inspire. Instantly you’re at peace, http://www.yellowwolfenlightentment.com.

I am grateful she thought my site worthy of The Sunshine Blogger Award.

Many of you know I have Chronic Lyme, I pray you never know first hand. My memory last 5-15 minutes and pain leaves me in bed under pain medication. I am not able to reciprocate by writing questions and nominate awesome Bloggers.    Xx  M

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules Are:

Thank the person who nominated you. Display award on your site. Answer the 11 questions from your nominator and give nominees eleven questions to answer.

Questions asked:

What drew you to blogging?

Write my frustrations down instead of keeping inside.

Do you…

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