Wednesday. I woke up this morning feeling it was Thursday. I even wrote Thursday and I had to cancel it. I think my subconscious wants this day to be over soon. But it’ll have to wait because the day is still pretty new.

The landlord came yesterday and I showed him the attic. While we were going upstairs he said: “Are you sure they are not mice?” Those are the kind of things that cause my heart to skip a beat. I said: “I know mouse poop and this one is different”.
Then he saw the evidence and said: “You have a marten. Do you know what they are?”.
I know what they are and I was completely surprised/shocked with my answer: “What can I do to get rid of it? Close all the holes? Put some poison?”. Poison?? Really?? Holy f#$k. I can’t kill a mosquito and I was…

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