Friday. This morning I woke up to great news. The weather forecast says: “Three sunny days coming up!”. And it freaking better be true because when I’m feeling hopeful, I hate to change my mood.
Right now I’m waiting for the couple of hours with sun to see if I can finish mowing. I tried yesterday but I was surprised by a terrible storm that flooded my bathroom again. I can’t keep the windows closed all the time, I already feel suffocated for many other reasons, I need some fresh air.

Last night, just before going to sleep, I read an article: “8 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate and Not Just a ‘Life Partner”. I needed to read it. Actually, I always need to read all those kind of articles to see if I can relate.
One of these days I will write about: “How you should be/act/dress/decorate your house/and…

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