Coping with no meds

The long weekend has brought much anxiety we away from home visiting family. ..well driving here 5 hours from auckland city hubby thought best to bring meds subject up and how thoughtless I was not talking to my family before stopping meds ..

I get all that but like iv Said before support of just being around not pushing me when all is upside down will help ,but he reckons it’s not only that but the stress of watching me become unwell too.
So iv been forced to take meds well away this weekend my body hates it and I feel nausea and of course no sex of which is strange to me still needing it but it’s become compulsive  as it really relieves my anxiety , and to add a cherry on the cake Mental health rang Friday before leaving to say Dr says to return all meds to pharmacy they concerned I’ll commit suicide with it lol I have had better ways of thinking how I would do it without suffering with meds overdose. On a brighter side  my therapist Becs is voicing on Thursday she’ll be there no matter what despite saying she’s concerned I’ll get sick so I’m planning healthier ways to cope coming this week I’m gonna walk to therapy from home and Becs is gonna help add other ways .

And I guess on a different note i made it away from home we travel back tommorow I can’t wait !

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