Learning from Chronic Illness *Tid Bits, Falling and Learning To Fly*

Looking For The Light

I dedicate this post to the chronically ill, newly diagnosed and their caregivers. You are the Survivors.

It took three painful years to learn I had Chronic Lyme Disease. I’ve had bumps over the years, nothing like Lyme. I’m totally dependent on my husband. Every week he takes countless hours off work. There’s IV Therapy before and after work. Day to-day monitoring the catheter with weekly bandage changes. Out of state doctor appointments once a month, insure medicines are taken properly, on time and everything you can think of.

I didn’t know what life would teach me. Boy have I learned and want to share with you. The ongoing guilt is a challenge for me.Guilt for not getting out of bed, doing laundry, on and on.

I had no concept of how humiliating daily life can get. I march on. At 52, I wear Kotex for daily spills. The agony of not taking extra Kotex…

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