Flickr Wednesday: MichaeLynn Borich

Art by Rob Goldstein

This Wednesday I’m honored to feature the work of MichaeLynn Borich.
MichaeLynn Borich is two people.

Below is their profile statement:

For us photography is a great reason to explore together the lovely Ozarks where weather and light are ever-changing. We sold our home (and darkroom) to move to China a few years ago to teach English for two years, so we don’t shoot film anymore — goodbye beloved Rollei and 4×5 Speed Graphic with the 135 Optar lens, goodbye funky plastic, toy Holga, and welcome to the new world of digital cameras: We are blessed and daily inspired by so many wonderful Flickr image makers.

Their work is well crafted and diverse.

If you like it please let them know by leaving a comment.

into the wild: lion


into the wild: wolf


He’s so vane. . .


the lovers

kittens in the orchard



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