Eleven Fatal Flaws of the Narcissist: Women’s Edition

Art by Rob Goldstein

Narcissistic Rage

Men and women are different in how they show the signs of pathological narcissism.

Men are more external in how they interact with the world. Women are more interpersonal.

Both genders tend toward vanity and materialism, and both are pathologically dishonest.

In addition to the entitlement, grandiosity and dishonesty of pathological narcissism, female narcissists often display characteristics common to histrionic personality disorder:

People with histrionic personality disorder regard things in an emotional way–and are attention seekers.

They are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention.

They are lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances by their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness.

They commandeer the role of the life of the party.

Personal interests and conversation is self-focused.

They use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves.

Emotional expression is often shallow and rapidly shifting.

Their style of speech and writing is…

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