A Mother’s Guilt

Looking For The Light

eye      Daughter

My Birthday wish for You

I hope that every candle brings a new wish.

I hope the Smile that lights your face stays there all year-long.

I hope everything  you’ve dreamed it will come true.

I hope you know how much I love You

and how proud I am of you.

Happy Birthday With So Much Love.

Card from my Mother

You can’t give back what you took from my life.

Xx  M

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    • Thanks, that brought a tear. She has sent a card since I was young and always threw them in trash. The people who read about me will understand if not familiar with me. What’s up, the last three weeks I’m getting 3-4 new followers. I haven’t done anything different? I’m thilled but surprised. It’s a shame I lost 500 followers when I opened my new blog. Some have found me but mostly new faces.

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