Lyme Update #16 *Lyme Winning–Me, blew a gasket and leaking oil

Looking For The Light

Let’s Talk Lyme

Last update, we talked about IV Therapy as a treatment option for Chronic Lyme Disease. IV Therapy is one type of medicine to help you heal. I also take a close to 20 prescriptions and who knows how many supplements. Insurance doesn’t pay for the IV Therapy which is quite common. To ask a question thru the patient Portal it’s $45 dollars. I blew a gasket last week and the portal is running hot. I’m blessed we have the money and see a top Lyme Doctor. I think there is a book called She’s Come Undone. I came undone and still finding parts.

Before quitting work, I was a highly successful, the top salesperson in the company. I set very high goals for myself and those who interact with clients. If I made an error I was accountable to make it right with the clients. If one of…

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