Hitting that brick wall 

I’m trying hard to focus on the one brick on the side walk …Because of you ptsd I’m battling through this ..

Yesterday my psychiatrist described some of my symptoms as psychotic moments and as planned my meds has been increased to afternoon too now …he says he’ll keep pushing up to 30mg is his goal to control my moods and syptoms of voices. ..hypervigalance is a problem too but his certain we’ll get all under control with this meds as it reaches it’s peak. ..



  1. Sounding better by the day. Keep your focus, give his suggestion a try unless the side effects are serious and you can’t increase. I am confident you will find stability. It’s hard work, you can do it. Look how hard you’ve worked dealing/no dealing without meds. It’s uncomfortable, when you reach a sweet spot, it’s heaven.
    I’m so happy and proud of you.

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