quote31 Photo credit: Sarah M. Baker emailed, asking for permission to link one of my articles on their site.

Let me think…

Um, YES!

Side benefit: I just found a ton of great new resources. Think Pinterest for Adoptive families. A site full of curated content related to adoption?

Yes, please. is FABULOUS. Here’s just a sample of the super articles you’ll find:

4 Things I Wish I Could Change about Adoption  by Round & Round Rosie

Adoption and Sensory Issues  by Forever, For Always

Back to School: Communicating with Teachers by Tara Vanderwoude

5 Things NOT to Say to Mothers of Transracial Adoption by  Meghan Rivard on

Two Worlds, One Family: An Adoptive Mother’s Insecurities by two peas from different pods

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Adoptive Parents Aren’t Parents by Carrie Goldman on The Huffington Post

Why “I’d get too attached” Just Doesn’t Cut It by The Lewis Note

I Could Have…

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