Yesterday brought tears to my eyes as I cried I sensed another release of pure utter scaredness leaving me …yesterday I told my older boy the sensitive child who battles his own demons of anxiety. .he had been asking around wanting to know why his mom acts this way so when I brought it up he listened tried guessing who the abuser was that made me angry but then tears came it was a relief for him he had always thought he was a result of my abuse from another man ..

My heart sank had I caused this worry to my sensitive child unnecessarily. .there was no knowing his thoughts but I could reassure him his our child and we love him ..and his not z result of my abuse thank god 😥


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  1. Lis
    What a great learning experience for both of you. You waited until he was old enough to understand and talked to him like an adult. His confidence is talking with you has increased. Not doubt it broke your heart, any mother who loves their child cries when the child hurts. You are building a foundation for the future and you are very strong. You have shown how hard you are willing to work to get control your mental illness under control. I pray the day will come, your husband will see and understand. Understanding is a huge part of loving someone with a mental illness. It sounds like deep down you still love each other, the door is open.
    I’m so happy for you.


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