Scarry Ness of change part 1

Change always brings unfamiliar feelings,or maybe some are familiar that I wanna run rather from…

The strange piece this week and weekend is the stronger piece of excepting of others are there,normally I’d say I don’t like what I’m becoming or even who I the midst of my older son feeling his not our son hubby has challenged him as well and in between that we on off have fought hubby and me ,but here’s the odd piece uncontrollably we saying we love each other out the blue some minutes after fighting. .it’s not strange my younger son thinks this is not ok the fighting that went on the weekend. ..but there’s change all round happening.

But I do know I can stand this test or trial it’s happening in me the stronger me is emerging day by day🙌hooray to feelings!


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  1. Lis
    One of your biggest steps to date! You are strong and getting stronger by the day. The dynamics happening in your family right now are chaotic. You’re separated from husband yet sounds like there is hope in working it out. Kids never like to see their parents fight. If age appropriate talk with your son and explain why you two fight and that may calm his anxiety. Is your husband willing to go see a Therapist to get the built up anger and junk out of his system? If he is, the next step is you go to marriage counseling. You love each other, he has anger and resentment from the lack of communication. Communication is critical at this point in marriage.
    I am overjoyed to see you stood strong on a crazy weekend. Everytime you accomplish the goal of keeping it together, builds on the others times and your confidence grows.
    It’s perfectly normal to not know who you are, your mental illness was taking over your life. You become more aware when the fog lifts and you will slowly learn who you are and what you want to do. I’m in the same position after spending the last 10 years taking care of my grandparents or being ill. We can learn who we are together.
    I can’t tell you how happy I am.

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