Part 2 scarry Ness is mingled with sadness 

I trying to love me more each day ..but then like today im battling sadness, my sister and all her children and partners leave for south Africa in less than 24 hours to see our parents. ..I’m not going because it’s dad’s 70th birthday and my abuser will be there with family “man does it fuck me off ” even though I’m this side of the world I’m embarrassed by all that’s happened .

Every one of my cousins will be there ..yes they were apart of the abuse ,my corupted family were sexual abuse was not spoken about but yet I endured it ..GO FUCK YOURSELVES’s just horrible feeling 😥



  1. Lis
    I’m glad you got angry and let some go free. You he years of pent up anger at several people, it comes out at some time. I think you went way off track possibly from all the mental and physical stress. I can’t take your pain away, hopefully I can support you as you let all the anger go. I trust you, I’m confident you will take control instead of it controlling you.


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