Xanax is an anchor drug in my medication combo for treating Anxiety/Bipolar Disorder. I’ve taken Xanax for 15 years, it works miracles in keeping me grounded. Working quickly is an advantage with little to no side effects, EXCEPT ADDICTION. The downside side is addiction happens quickly after starting. Withdraw starts getting dicey on second day, by fourth day I look like a street addict who would sell my soul for a pill.

The emotional and physical breakdown took me to hell. My deep secrets/scars laughed and taunted me.

Med Schedule Med Schedule

Med Schedule #2 Med Schedule #2

Here are some of the delusions I experienced.

Learned a new language

Surviving in the desert like Jesus

Discovered potential link for Postpartum Depression

In touch with my families Indian blood

Could feel natural body rhythm

Felt small earthquake

Saw Bobcat tracks on front tree

Started writing Country songs

Tweeting Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Pharrell, talked to Gwen…

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