Lyme Update #17 *New Protocol*

Looking For The Light

After nine months of IV treatments augmented with oral medications, I am off IV therapy. It’s exciting and scary. I’m a realist, will party after doctor releases me. It is common to complete treatment only to have it return. I am optimistic and believe what you think about is where you’re going. I want to find myself in good health to explore rebuilding my life.

My new Treatment Protocol: one year course of oral medication

I included comments from my 5/31/16 office visit.

Report: May Visit 5/31/16

Continued severe memory loss worse since phone consultation, continued overall pain

More profoundly fatigued, pain from fall also a factor, Patient noted having more SVT, Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, lover extremely edema

Tenderness in right knee with swelling noted, questionable hepatomegaly

Patient to follow-up with Cardiologist, MRI on right knee, continued air hunger,follow up with Chest X-Ray

Increased dosage of Morphine Patch, patient will…

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