Throw Back Thursday *When We Stand Together*

Looking For The Light

If you’re a regular on Thursdays you know I’m a James Bay Super Fan. Hold Back the River is from an EP and his breakthrough to Super Rocker Stardom. He sings of the past….we used to ride our bicycles….reflection is needed to move forward. Nickelback reflects on current times and looks forward to a shift bringing everyone around the world together. I like to think that day will come….in my lifetime?  Let’s Rock.

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    • Hi Sheldon
      So glad you hear the same talent I hear. He is a big star, no super like U2 or Coldplay but he is widely known. One of his song “Let it Go” was used in a movie. That performance isn’t the best showcase but I wanted people to see talent isn’t only in America. Until now he only had EP’s out. He has blown thru the roof. I’ve followed him since seeing him on a morning program. If you want to see what he is really made of check out the video of him playing at Buddy Guy’s place. He can kill it on the guitar. He’s been touring like hell, back in the states soon. If you watch the video, let me know what you think then!!!! I send him tweets of encouragement and prayers….I sound like an old lady at 52!!!!!
      Thanks your feedback is always valued.


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