I wanna write how bad it is. ..

I’m looking for sympathy it’s reality it’s horrible right now. ..I’m battling praying for survival and a better day but it’s pieces at a time ..

Yesterday late morning I started with a headache after days of fighting a numb head I guess this was bound to come then yesterday after taking something I progressively got worse actually thought I was going to having a stroke .My right eye was small and as I wondered what next I remembered no meds yesterday afternoon grr iv possibly forgotten 7x already on off..but hope to have this sorted and blister packed by this week.Yesterday late afternoon I started vomiting till late evening and I’m exhausted ,luckily one client canceled and so I’ll be home early. ..Iv rang Hannes iv done none of his homework but I couldn’t if I tried, his my psychologist and now I need his help with triggers !

I’m sad I’m tired and exhausted and any processing lord I need you now and always 👣🆘


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  1. Lis
    You need to be very careful! When you’re taking meds, many do not mix with any over the counter headache pills. It’s another habit of reading or asking. You’re not there yet. Just make a note, don’t take any, I MEAN NOTHING NOT EVEN HERBS. It’s a delicate balance in the pharmacology of the drugs, each has different effects on the brain. Most I’ve taken in 30+ years do not mix with some natural drugs or over the counter remedies including cough meds, everything.

    The number one focus is getting yourself over the trigger, we have to talk about offline. #2 Organize a system for taking meds, if that means 2-3 plastic baggies until you can take the next step, you have to get take the meds to continue moving forward.Looking back you may see a connection in the drugs you missed and the length of the trigger.Talk with your Therapist and work on positive talk, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone has a hard time adjusting in the beginning. I have the same problem with my meds, I have to set alarms or I would never remember. YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO FIGHT IT OUT NO MATTER HOW BAD OR HOW LONG, YOU’VE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS DAY. I HAVE 100% FAITH IN YOU.

    I no it’s painful, crazy feel like your loosing your mind and everything in between. What you learn from this trigger will prepare for the next. Lis, you’re not a quitter. You are not a quitter. You future is wide open, just not until your meds are stable. I love the drawing you did, artwork even if no-one sees may help for a short period. Just don’t beat yourself up right now. There is plenty later for that. I’m always with you, mind and spirit. I love you and pray for you constantly.

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