I’m looking for sympathy it’s reality it’s horrible right now. ..I’m battling praying for survival and a better day but it’s pieces at a time ..

Yesterday late morning I started with a headache after days of fighting a numb head I guess this was bound to come then yesterday after taking something I progressively got worse actually thought I was going to having a stroke .My right eye was small and as I wondered what next I remembered no meds yesterday afternoon grr iv possibly forgotten 7x already on off..but hope to have this sorted and blister packed by this week.Yesterday late afternoon I started vomiting till late evening and I’m exhausted ,luckily one client canceled and so I’ll be home early. ..Iv rang Hannes iv done none of his homework but I couldn’t if I tried, his my psychologist and now I need his help with triggers !

I’m sad I’m tired and exhausted and any processing lord I need you now and always 👣🆘