9 thoughts on “Avoidance 

    1. Hi G
      Hope life is on the good side. What do you think about being my guest posting some of your fav photo in a gallery type format. My photos get a lot of attention and there no way it’s close to the same league as yours. Your work with B&W is so good, most people cant’t get the balance rite, like myself. Can you turn me down this time????? There are no commitments, period. If people love you and come to your site you may want to do again, completely up to you. We have so many followers struggling and art can take your mind off even for a short period of time. I’ve paid homage to your country all week.

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        1. G
          I can’t believe it, finally we get to work together again. We could do it as often as you like. Once makes me very happy. I have several pro photographers who follow me. It blows me away seeing the photos. I have a long way to go but I always have fun and love the after work on the computer. Black & White I have not mastered at all. That is one reason I appreciate your work so much, if the light is right the photo is great.
          Let me know when you want to get together and we’ll figure out logistics. Yeah!!!!

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            1. You made my weekend. Let me set you up with privileges so you can reblog directly. If not the only way I can thing on is send to me and I reblog. I’ll put an invitation out. If would rather do it another way and have ideas I’m all ears. If I set you it makes it so easy to come back!!!! 🙂

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