Dissociative Identity Disorder: Anger and Shame

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein Found on Pinterest

I assume my DID is more clearly visible on social media, but even in Second Life,
when some of the alternates logged in with separate accounts and avatars,
most people assumed I was really good at role play.

Most of my friends describe me as talented, bright, positive, passionate, and

But Iโ€™m also depressed, impulsive, sometimes self-destructive, suicidal, and self

I experience depression as if it is a separate self because it feels as if I see the
world through another manโ€™s eyes.

This depressed self impulsively acted out when weย  were younger.

He usually wound up in crisis clinics and on psych units.

Weโ€™re older and better at coping when the depressed self comes out;
but coping takes so much energy there is little left for anything else.

When I tell people I am symptomatic what I mean is that I have all

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  1. I have learned so much more then I ever have about my own depression
    Because of people like you Robert
    I am so glad that I’ve had met you and others
    It has kept me grounded and at times safe
    I needed to come see you
    As always Sheldon


    • We all learn something each other. I hold out my hand, take it when you need me. I don’t get in anyone’s personal just help if I’ve been there and have ideas. I have to say, there is one person I have tried to help and I now think I should have pushed her harder to get her ass to the doctor I feel for people who are in the pit, it’s hard to see post and know the back story. When they start talking suicide, I had to tell her point blank do you want to die and leave your children behind. Not a good feeling for me. My father committed suicide and his birthday is a couple of days away. In the old days I would get drunk have a few hours of pity party then snap back to reality.Since I no longer drink, it will come out thru a short post.
      So one again you are learning more about me. If you read my about page you already know the guts and all.

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