Today my support was off on bereavement leave an anxious moment to find someone I knew to attend therapy with Hannes and Helena my wrap support came along I was greatful and honest.

Noise concentration and balance all equal anxiety equal extreme avoidance and that we stuck through therapy today but most of all …his serious about my meds it’s not negotiable and if I get sicker possibly sectioning could happen and he wants me deal with my resistance to stop meds this is serious. .I cried and sobbed through therapy luckily Helena had knowledge and supported me I was greatful.

Hannes has sent me away with his excercises called ABC I don’t have enough energy now to explain but will Hannes is gonna ring daily checking in on meds..iv also got self soothing excercises to add to avoidance and others but honestly I can’t write all now I’m just swirling in the wind .



  1. Lis
    I’m grateful you were able to find a support person, that’s the best case scenario when you’re starting out/some resistance and mental support in medication reminders. I have several things I do because of my memory. We can talk about when your ready. You are to weak and there is no hurry to jump physically into excursive. One thing that helps me with, I just started this year, is mediating, or concentrating on relaxing with my eyes closed, just feeling my heart beat until it calms.
    You already sound better, I’m blessed you’re on the way up and the focus of therapy was on the first steps.
    Write when up to, no hurry.
    Please PRAY for help thru this most difficult time, give thanks.


    • The next couple of days will get difficult but nothing like you’ve been thru. I hope he gave you Anxiety Meds, anxiety helps push you over the edge to a trigger. Triggers are much easier on me by taking med. There are down sides and consistency is top of list. Maybe he’s waiting until you have the med schedule down.
      You are coming out of hell on the road to what is your normal at this time. Embrace the struggle, the reward on the end is a huge payoff. Keep leaning on your friends overtime you need.
      Write me if yo need me.


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