Excitement in my heart

Iv just shared an awesome new song on autism. .i have two boys very different. .but u know just this last week I’m blown away again by my boys determination to learn ,he came home excited he had achieved 2 correct answers to a full paper of maths..yes I can just imagine some saying only two ???..but just last week he got zero correct and as he pushes forward doing prep papers for maths exams he dreams he’ll get better ..”I know he will ”

It’s his inner strength that drives him to persue getting there as this song is so true to both my boys …one now studying to be air hostess and though his challenged at times on flights his doing awesome. ..THEY CAN DO IT JUST LIKE NORMAL KIDS:)

Love and believe in them they special and it’ll make u proud! !


Go ahead! You know you want to say it :-)

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