Happy Birthday Daddy

Looking For The Light

Today would be your 76 birthday, there are a few things to say. I don’t know if you were with God in your final hours. I can’t assume you asked for forgiveness, I can’t assume you’re in Heaven.

Granny and Gramps went to their graves not knowing the pain you inflicted on me. Granny would breakdown, I would not cause her such pain.

You told me several times you were going to kill yourself, I didn’t doubt. I chose to keep the information to myself.

Granny was never the same after taking your life.

You called delusional, hallucinationing your phone was tapped. I found the cassettes, listened to every one, it’s sad where the mind can take us.

I have an idea how difficult it must have been living with a delusional mind.

Years soften the memories and pain, time doesn’t mean forgiveness. I choose to move forward building a…

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