I finally gained courage to call Hannes Today especially as my need grew to feel pain …i had tried curling up and sleeping after I had left a message,then shopping afterwards for more distraction. 

And we’ll I’m walking to the car Hannes rings ,he tells me his worried about me and some what cross with himself for not listening to his inner voice last week when I left he felt the pieces I wasn’t in s good space and he needs to be there ..I of course was saying are you not replying to my message earlier? no he said I haven’t received it grrr it’s new receptionist sorry. ..

My crisis plan for the next 24 hours is *pro’s and cons for each time my need grows to hurt myself or cut.*distractions a must .*and lastly what’s happening when I feel these things…!:'(

Friday afternoon I’ll see Hannes and he’ll organize support at the session!