WP Playing Tricks On You Last Night?

Looking For The Light

Iโ€™m a fairly calm ๐Ÿ™‚ person when not hypo/hyper or in withdraw. Last night while burning the midnight oil, I tried to refresh pageโ€ฆMessage: could not pull anything up try again. That was the start, Iโ€™m no longer calm.

I used Reader for reading a few postโ€ฆ..the people I follow are unchecked like Iโ€™m not following them. I followed everyone. I head to Survivors Blog Here to find the same has happened.

Today you will receive a notice the contributors of Survivors Blog Here or Looking For The Light Blog are following you,please know we were already.

Did you have WP challenges last night?

Xx ย M

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    • I don’t think I’m hacked, it looks like two separate issues. One Survivors had a different (alias) email from mine, that was changed yesterday. Still don’t understand the hold up there. The other issue was the error you received on you end about ,social not recognized. I changed everything back, basically moved WP as primate email.
      I’m sending an invite from my site, from there you can go to Survivors or post on Looking and reblog to Survivors until the drama is resolved. There is something missing and WP hasn’t emailed me back.
      Let’s see if you get my invite and we can move forward from there.

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        • I’m so glad one got thru, it’s amazing how messed up things are. I have to take responsibility for not knowing my Mac like I should. Basically, my ISP provider dumped me off on incoming mail. I don’t know how it’s worked this long. Verizon pushed it’s business to Frontier, piece of crap, and forced us to use AOL. I refuse to use their mail, all Mac for me. I’ve worked all day and still having problems with one keychain. I pray this is the end. No telling how many emails didn’t go or didn’t get in in the past 6 months. What’s crazy is I can log into AOL but it delivered 4 emails then stopped. So there may be more, recovery mode next. Have a great day. I’ll check in tomorrow to see if you need help unpacking.

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        • Great, still working on email and writing post. I deadicated Throw Back Thurs to you, I think like the tunes. I was on my way to see what’s goin on ar Survivors. Dis you have problems getting your photo gravitar. Next I need to learn how to move other post to your page. Do you need my help?
          Talk care

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