Art by Rob Goldstein

I have a new android that captures sweet moments like the
music of Valencia Street in front of the store that sells Trump piñatas.

There’s something Zen about standing in front of this store: a happy
little place where no one pretends that Trump is a healthy person
who deserves power.

I’ve learned a lesson in blogging this week that I will share:

If you’re going to make a list of bloggers that you admire be specific
about your reasons and the number of people.

My blogging is sometimes too spontaneous.

A post begins as a simple idea: I want to share a selfie because
it’s something I couldn’t do.

It then evolves into a gratitude post and I decide I want to honor
a few fellow bloggers, to be specific: bloggers who’ve followed
me from the beginning and a few new bloggers who deserve

Everything was going fine…

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