Welcome back 😠 

My friends have arrived back ,they rambling on why I need to remember past stuff but I push them away. .fuck knows they walk my journey for years along side me playing day and night with me as grew up in my younger years. .now they talk I know it’s them more so when stress gets me there rambling confuse me more and they won’t stop

I’m scared I’m confused I can’t talk about them …i don’t wanna know them!!!

I need Hannes now but Thursday is testing no therapy


One comment

  1. Lis
    Get in touch with anyone….you can talk to or a group meeting to attend. I know they suck sometimes, you need to be heard. The voices are the Black Dog I refer to a lot. Keep using all your strength to keep away. God? I’m always here. You need, no have to see someone every week. Why can’t you see Therapist on one week and him on another?
    You know where I’m at.
    Big Hugs


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