I watch a lot of stuff on DVD/blu-ray, including a lot of documentaries.
one TV program I have watched a lot of over the years is: Hard Time.

in one episode one of the inmates said: “you are either a Viking or a Victim”.

this really resonated with me…because of my past.


another thing I heard in a TV series (but can’t remember which one) was:

“I don’t want to be angry, because that makes me a victim”.

of course this is not referring to anger when something first happens and we feel anger (which is normal/ordinary human instinct). it’s referring to hanging onto anger, way after the incident has happened.

this idea of being angry and being a victim really resonated with me, because often when I get angry about something small, I feel awful.

i.e. the bus didn’t stop for me, and drove right past me. I was very angry, but then felt bad. so I had to distract myself enough, to get out of the feeling and back into the now.

all very powerful and transformative.