I watch a lot of stuff on DVD/blu-ray, including a lot of documentaries.
one TV program I have watched a lot of over the years is: Hard Time.

in one episode one of the inmates said: “you are either a Viking or a Victim”.

this really resonated with me…because of my past.


another thing I heard in a TV series (but can’t remember which one) was:

“I don’t want to be angry, because that makes me a victim”.

of course this is not referring to anger when something first happens and we feel anger (which is normal/ordinary human instinct). it’s referring to hanging onto anger, way after the incident has happened.

this idea of being angry and being a victim really resonated with me, because often when I get angry about something small, I feel awful.

i.e. the bus didn’t stop for me, and drove right past me. I was very angry, but then felt bad. so I had to distract myself enough, to get out of the feeling and back into the now.

all very powerful and transformative.




  1. G
    I just found out WP support has been out of town all week and not working support tickets. This burns me up. Is WP so cheap it can’t split the support staff so someone is always here. Bad business practice. Hope you’re doing well and waking up to a good Monday.

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  2. Hi G
    It’s amazing we never know when something we hear will hit our core emotions hard. It sounds like a good experience for you in you helped you stop and realize, ok there are worse things in life and although not happy about I’m not angry.
    Are you having WP issues? I have been battling, settings are correct yet a post doesn’t come out with reblog, I have to hit edit an update then it’s there. The one that is causing a headache is last Saturday, all the people I follow we’re auto changed to not following, I had to redo which created extra emails for people. I made the mistake of checking get comments in the Reader area maintenance, I had no I dead it meant get every commit the person makes all day long. My email was clogged. What changed and how to fix I’m unsure. I have missed comments for a least a week maybe two. I’m writing a post to se if others are having same issue and writing down all the issues to send to WP tomorrow. I have messed with most of the day today. It looks like I may to go to individual sites and resubscribe for email post. What’s weird is why did my comments just coming thru.
    One of those days.
    Have a great day.

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