Art by Rob Goldstein

Real life and Virtual collage of avatar and people to represent the identity fragmentation of dissociative identity disorder The Reality Test


Psychiatry defines reality testing as follows: Any means by which an individual is able to clearly asses his or her limitations as they relate to biological, physiological, social or environmental realities, or the objective evaluation of sensoryimpressions, thus allowing the person to distinguish between the internal and external worldand between fantasy andreality.

I cannot say this with authority but I suspect that all severe mental illnesses affect the ability to correctly assess ones interactions with others.

My reality testing is compromised in two areas.

Though I rarely say this outright; I believe that my alternates are real.

I have to force myself to think of myself as  ‘I’ and I only say “I” when discussing myself as separate from the people we call our ‘alternates’.

When I am “the self”  I initially have vague memories of what happened before

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