I very out of sorts and just so low in mood I’m actually not sure why I’m writing even :'(gues I’m hoping in strange way I’ll better be able to articulate my feelings …it’s been rough journey Sharing every up and down my inner most feelings my family drama and my family achievements they incredibly precious I love them dearly ..I guess in its self iv shared it with the world and made some precious friends along the way “remember I love u guys ” never stop doing what you do best you’ve already made a difference in the world by sharing your story showing others they not alone GOOD ON YOU !

Today was therapy nothing really changed until Hannes mentioned I’d said I wanna stop fighting my emotions iv never cried so much as today as brought me to my knees for so many reasons. .. guess some were im aware of my emotions and just wanting my family around me ,actually last night I never slept I sat and prayed for my husband and boys and cried..