He Named The Posts: Let’s Stop Calling It Mental Illness

Looking For The Light


 In 11 years of Blogging, I can’t recall a time going flip out, full rant on anyone. Today changed everything. We are all due our opinion, we live in the great country of America. People have the same right to voice an opposing view. It’s important my friends and followers know what I will fight for and what my true passions are. Mental Health is on top of the list, I advocate, help anyone who ask, manage my own mental health on a daily basis. I returned home late last night from D.C. and pretty tired today, I could have read the post wrong. Here are a few comments by someone who knows nothing about mental illness. Xx  M

*So why then are we still calling these very physical and real illnesses “mental illness”?*

*So why when someone has an illness in their brain, do we…

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