Iโ€™m grieving a life, a life taken to the sky. Why a country song hit me so hard, I donโ€™t know. Does she like country music? The uncontrollable tears may come from God, being there for me, when the pain doesnโ€™t end. The tears maybe the first of many. I did not ask for promises. I shared the challenges of my mental illness, praying you would not feel alone in your pain. Being real but hoping to empower, no-one can make someone change their plan, only they can. I start praying, please God take her in your arms, show her how love feels, please make her journey beyond earth the greatest years of her life.

I will miss you, Iโ€™m scared, please answer my email today. My heart is bleeding, all I need is to know youโ€™re alive. God will always have your back and never stops loving you.


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