How Many People Can Fit In A Van?

Check Van out, you’ll come back.

Looking For The Light

I found a way to celebrate my followers, looking beyond post into their personal life. I look forward to learning knowing more. No follower is safe! No Opt Out!

Bloggers have followers who bring sunshine with every comment, conversation.Van gives me the blessing every time we have a conversation. Not all conversations are funny as a toad. That’s Texan speak if you didn’t understand the reference.

Please give a Huge welcome to Van By The River.

Here are answers to the questions “only Van” could answer while laughing along with us.

 “First job was as a soda jerk at a local pharmacy. I dipped ice cream, served soft drinks and infrared sandwiches (pre-Microwave). I was 15 and it was a local teen hangout…so, it was fun.”

“Favorite job was probably the one I retired from. Hotel sales manager, but I started on the front desk.I loved the…

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